Janette Berthelot – Executive Director, Pediatric Cancer Program Director

Janette joined Hearth Place in May, 2011, holding a number of different roles before becoming Executive Director in 2019. Janette is responsible for ensuring that all activities of Hearth Place are in keeping with the mission and vision of the centre. She manages the daily operations, oversees and implements the short and long term strategic plan for the centre.  Outreach into the community includes public speaking, participating in a variety of planning committees and creating relationships with other organizations. In addition to the administrative responsibilities, Janette also coordinates the Pediatric Cancer program, facilitates support groups, handles case management as well as new program development.

Sonja Shepherd – Member Services Coordinator

Sonja joined Hearth Place in November, 2001, holding a number of different roles. Currently Sonja provides individual support to members entering the centre, peer and caregiver support, and group facilitation of the Lymphoma and Blood Related Cancer Support Group. Sonja is also Co-Director of the Hearth Place Volunteer Puppet Team.

Barb Franks-McNaughton – Member Services 

Barb joined Hearth Place in May, 2015. Barb provides introductory interviews and ongoing case management for new members. She provides grief counselling for those who have lost a loved one to cancer.

Pamela West – Member Services Intake 

Pamela joined Hearth Place in October, 2017. Pamela provides introductory interviews and ongoing case management for new members.

Stephanie Hamilton – Program  Coordinator 

Stephanie first came to Hearth Place after a cancer diagnosis in 2017.  The support and guidance she received was instrumental in helping her to make changes in her life, and in 2019 was thrilled to join the staff.  In 2020 she was diagnosed for a second time, and now has first-hand experience of the extra burdens of dealing with cancer during a pandemic.  Stephanie is responsible for program development, scheduling and registration.  She also coordinates counseling appointments for children, liaises with organizations such as Look Good Feel Better and After Breast Cancer, and provides additional support for the Member Services staff.  She helps with website updates, the online program calendar and the wellness therapy scheduling.

Carolyn Hoar – Volunteer Coordinator, Pediatric Cancer Family Support Coordinator

Carolyn joined Hearth Place in May, 2011 and is responsible for recruitment, scheduling, retention and administration of volunteers. She is also responsible for program and resource development and volunteer management of the Pediatric Cancer Family Support Program.

Debbie Dawson – Fundraising and Community Engagement 

Debbie joined Hearth Place in June, 2013. Her primary role is the stewardship of major sponsors and to provide professional expertise and leadership in fundraising strategies and public awareness.

Shauna Cartlidge – Senior Events Manager

Shauna joined Hearth Place in March, 2014. She is responsible for planning, coordinating and executing all Hearth Place signature fundraising events and oversees the Events department. Shauna also manages our website. 

Donna Barrett-Holmes – Office Administrator

Donna joined Hearth Place in June, 2018. She is responsible for the processing of financial needs for Hearth Place.