Children’s Programs

Group of children with heads together

Supporting children when there is a cancer diagnosis or cancer related death can seem overwhelming. We are here to help support your family through these difficult times.  Hearth Place offers a variety of support programs for children and teens who have been touched by cancer. Two different streams of programming are available to support children, teens, and their families. We look forward to connecting with you, to see how we can support your family.

Children and Teens Programs – These programs are for children and teens who have a loved one diagnosed with cancer, or who have lost a loved one to cancer.

Family Programs – We offer support for families who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis and the many challenges that both parents and children experience when a member of the family has cancer.  Our programs include family sessions and family fun days, where families can forget about cancer for a couple of hours and reconnect! 

Pediatric Cancer Family Support Program – This program is for children and teens diagnosed with cancer, and their siblings. We offer a variety of programs to support the unique needs for families dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis.