Executive Director’s Message: Jul-Sep 2023

Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Summer is finally upon us and, with this new season, we welcome new faces, and say goodbye to long-time family members. I would like to extend a warm welcome to Avery Maxwell, who joins us as our Family Support Coordinator. Avery has been with us for a few years in various roles, including educational placements, government grants and providing additional support. Avery is a wonderful addition to our team, supporting our children, teens and families! 

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Megan Hanzal, who has joined our Board of Directors as our new Treasurer.  Megan comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are thrilled to have her join our board of dedicated men and women! I am pleased to announce that Rupa Mehra, will be the new Chair of our Board of Directors. Rupa has been a Director on our board for the past two years and has made many wonderful contributions. We are very happy to welcome Rupa into this new position within the board.

With these many new faces, it also means we are saying goodbye to dedicated longstanding family members. Debbie Devitt retired from our board at the end of last year. Debbie has been a longtime advocate of Hearth Place and she continues to do programs for us. 

Chris Roberts has served as our Treasurer for the past 28 years! His dedication, leadership and guidance have led us from the inception of Hearth Place, into the support centre we are today. It is very rare, to find a dedicated individual who serves 28 years on a volunteer board. We extend our deep appreciation and gratitude for his years of service to this community and wish Chris all the best in his retirement! He will be greatly missed.

Dr. Leanne Foster, is our outgoing Chair of the Board. Dr. Foster is leaving the board as she is moving out of the area, but she will remain involved through a supportive role to the board. Leanne has been an instrumental leader, helping us to navigate the pandemic and the many challenges we have faced through this. We are incredibly grateful for her leadership, support and guidance to help us to grow and move forward. We wish Leanne all the best in her new endeavors!

Our next goodbye, is for our longtime Volunteer Coordinator, Carolyn Hoar. Carolyn has been a dynamic part of our team for the past 12years. She supports not only our volunteers, but also our Pediatric Cancer Support Program, children’s programs and provides front line support to our adult programs. Carolyn, has been a wonderful part of our Hearth Place family, and we will greatly miss her kind and compassionate heart as she moves into retirement. We will miss her warm spirit, but know she will back to volunteer when she is ready! Thank you Carolyn for your years of support and care for our members and staff.

~ Janette Berthelot

Friendship, a state in which acquaintances become incredibly linked to one another through shared experiences creating a unique connection that results in comforting good times and a lifetime of memories.

Diane Stinson