Support Groups & Emotional Wellness

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Support Groups and Emotional Wellness programs include cancer-specific support groups, and programs designed to help with:

  • mindfulness
  • mental health
  • the emotional impact of cancer on life during and after treatment

Caregivers Support Group

A cancer diagnosis affects not just the patient but the immediate and extended family, as well as friends. This support group offers support for the caregiver as they care for their loved ones. Caregivers will develop a wealth of self-care tools to reduce personal stress, change negative self-talk, communicate their needs to family members and healthcare providers, deal with difficult feelings and make tough caregiver decisions.

Please call Sonja at 905-579-4833 or email to find out about and register for this group.

Facilitator: Sonja Shepherd

Colorectal Cancers Support Group

For those newly diagnosed, still in or completed treatment. This group offers support and strength in dealing with a colorectal cancer. Educational materials and resources to help you make informed decisions about your treatment will be shared and discussed.

To register, please contact Stephanie at or call 905-579-4833.

Couples Facing Cancer Support Group

Please note that this program has been suspended during the pandemic.

Description: This support group is for couples where one or both partners have a cancer diagnosis. Relationships are often challenged with a cancer diagnosis. Usual routines, patterns of communication and concepts of self and others in the relationship may change due to the illness.

This group will focus on assisting couples to explore the impact of cancer on their couple relationship and will offer the opportunity to develop skills for more effective communication and ways to cope with the challenges.

A seven week commitment is required for this group and registration is limited to 6 couples. This group is facilitated by Family and Marriage Therapists.

Register: To be considered for this group please call Stephanie at 905-579-4833 or email

Facilitators: Rita Benson and Keith Marlow

Gynecological Cancer Information Series

This 6 week series is for women with a gynecological cancer who may be seeking more information.  Participants will have the opportunity to pick the topics that will be covered in each meeting.  Examples include fear of recurrence, body image, dealing with the side effects of treatment, and so on.  The group is facilitated by a nurse who believes that knowledge is power, and that information will help boost confidence.

To register please email Stephanie at or call 905-579-4833.

Facilitator: Pamela West

Gynecological Cancers Support Group

This support group offers women a safe place to meet with other women to share experiences and coping skills, and to explore the emotional, physical and spiritual impacts of living with a gynecological cancer.

The group meets twice a month on the second Monday evening of the month from 7:00-8:30pm and the fourth Thursday afternoon of the month from 1:00-3:00pm.

To register, please contact Stephanie at or call 905-579-4833.

Facilitators: Pamela West and Susan Viminitz

Individual Counseling and Peer Support

We offer individual counseling by appointment for any of our members who feel the need to talk to someone about their cancer-related thoughts and worries.

Please call 905-579-4833 and speak with us about setting up an appointment.

Lymphoma and Blood Related Cancers Support Group

This on-going enthusiastic support group is for those diagnosed with a blood cancer, being a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s Disease, Leukemia or Multiple Myeloma, and we are committed to:

  • Giving each other support and strength through initial diagnosis and in the event of recurrence
  • Providing educational material and resources to help you understand and make informed decisions about your treatment and wellness after treatment
  • Celebrating cancer survival

To register, please call 905 579-4833 or email or

Facilitators: Sonja Shepherd and Pamela West

Melanoma Support Group

We are pleased to have partnered with the Melanoma Network to offer a support group for patients with Melanoma. This group is led by experienced health care professionals along with cancer survivors; the sessions are structured but also flexible in format and topics. The MNC patient support group is a supportive place to share your feelings, challenges and an opportunity to ask questions.

Note that this group is currently offered online through the Melanoma Network of Canada.

Men’s Support Group

The Men’s Support Group is for men who are recently diagnosed, in treatment or finished treatment for any kind of cancer. Join other fellows for conversation, support and the sharing of resources.

To register, please contact Stephanie at or call 905-579-4833.


Metastatic Support Group

This weekly support group provides patients with metastatic cancer the opportunity to meet with other metastatic cancer patients. In a supportive and non-threatening setting, meetings focus on discussion and sharing of feelings and concerns regarding unique issues that can be triggered by this diagnosis. Through participation in this program patients may find comfort and reassurance and improve their ability to cope with the roller-coaster of emotions and re-entry into the medical system.  Registration is required.

To register, please contact Stephanie at or call 905-579-4833.

Facilitators: Barb Franks-McNaughton and Sonja Shepherd

Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Support Group

This support group is for breast cancer patients from the day of diagnosis through to the end of treatment. This group offers emotional support and strength in dealing with breast cancer, as well as providing material and resources to help manage breast cancer treatments.

To register, please call Stephanie at 905-579-4833 or email


Phoenix Support Group

The Phoenix Support Group is a group for women who are at least one year out of treatment for a cancer diagnosis. The meaning and ways of coping with survivorship issues will be discussed along with other topics each week. Topics may include; creating and dealing with a new self-image, relationships, fear of recurrence, coping strategies, self-care and more. This is a 7 week program and commitment to all 7 weeks is requested.

Please email or call 905-579-4833 to be added to our wait list.

Facilitators: Janice Wheeler and Lucienne Snellings

The Healing Journey Program – Levels 1 through 5

A diagnosis of cancer is a profound crisis, not only physically but psychologically and spiritually as well. The Healing Journey program has been developed to offer help to people looking for new ways to help themselves. It evolved as a result of research conducted at Princess Margaret Hospital by Dr. Alastair Cunningham. There is evidence showing that psycho-spiritual self-help work improves the quality of life and may inhibit the progression of cancer. The methods taught in this program are offered as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment. There are five steps, each building on the last and taking you further along the journey.

Level One: Coping With Cancer Stress

This is a four session introduction to the Healing Journey during which you learn stress management techniques like deep relaxation, thought control, mental imaging and emotional awareness and expression.

To register, please call Stephanie at 905-579-4833 or email

Facilitator: Sue Valentine

Level Two: Skills for Healing

This is an eight week course which goes into more depth with self-help techniques including consulting an inner healer, meditation, journaling and reflecting on the spiritual aspects of healing.

To register, please call Stephanie at 905-579-4833 or email

Facilitator: Sue Valentine

Level Three: Steps Toward Spiritual Healing

An eight week course in the basics of connecting spiritually. Each week consists of discussion around a topic, meditation and exercises to complete. This involves taking a step into deeper commitment to your healing journey. Some questions you will explore are: What are some of the blocks to my spiritual growth? Who am I really? How can I find meaning in my life’s circumstances?

To register, please call Stephanie at 905-579-4833 or email

Prerequisite: Levels one and two must be completed before registering in level three.

Facilitator: Sue Valentine

Level Four: Life Story

With some guidance and support, you write a structured story of your life and share it with the group. The writing of the story is done with help, over time, with support of the group and is a profound experience. The telling of the story is the second powerful experience. Both the writing and the telling have been very rewarding for the participants who have done it.

The facilitator registers participants directly after completion of level 3. For more information about this program or about the registration process please call 905 579-4833 or email

Prerequisite: Levels 1, 2 and 3

Facilitator: Sue Valentine

Meditation and Spiritual Study

This program is for Healing Journey alumni who want to continue their process with a group. The format is a one hour honing meditation practice and a one hour reading and discussion of a book selected by the group.

The facilitator registers participants directly after completion of level 4. For more information about this program or about the registration process please call 905 579-4833 or email

Prerequisite: Levels 1, 2, and 3

Facilitator: Sue Valentine

Women’s Support Group

This group is open to all women with cancer.  It does not matter what type you have, you are invited to join.  The drop-in style allows for topics to be covered as they arise; there is no formal agenda.  Share your experiences and emotions in a compassionate and safe environment.

Meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month, from 6:30-8:00pm.

To register, please call Stephanie at 905-579-4833 or email

Facilitated by: Lucienne Snellings and Janice Wheeler

Young Hearts

Please note that this group has been suspended for the pandemic.

This support group addresses the unique needs of young adults aged 25-40 with cancer. Come out and share experiences, learn from other group members and support one another. Potential topics for discussion may include: sexuality/fertility, supporting young children, managing finances, social supports, couples communications, single parenthood/dating/when to disclose disease/ returning to work, survivorship issues and self-esteem, dealing with parents, and insurance/POA/Will concerns.

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Register: Please call 905 579-4833 or email